Remit2Home offers Online Money Transfer Service to Philippines

Filipinos working overseas can now avail the service of Remit2Home to send money to their family and friends in Philippines. Remit2Home is an online money transfer service provider which is safe, easy and fast. For Remit2Home, the technology, operations and customer service is powered by Times of money and the Citigroup N.A. manages the fund transfer. Overseas Filipino Workers in the US can send money to Philippines by following just three simple steps. Firstly you need to provide your elementary details after registering online on Next provide your receiver details and then book the transaction.

Remit2Home Money Transfer's transaction fees are extremely affordable, and exchange rates are the best. The finest part is that there are no hidden charges unlike other services that send the money to your receiver charging courier charges. You get $10 just for registering online with Remit2Home.

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